Were you born in August? Your stone is peridot

peridot, also called olivine, is a very popular type of green stone. The name derives from the Arabic word “faridat” which means jewel. In ancient times this mineral was called “Stone of the Knights” because it was brought to Europe by the Crusaders and was initially used to adorn religious objects and only later was it appreciated as a jewel.
It has a very ancient history, in fact, according to some sources it was already known by the ancient Egyptians. In the Middle Ages it was thought to have beneficial effects in the treatment of depressive syndromes.

From a psychological point of view it is believed that this stone favors friendships, freeing the spirit from envy and enhancing eloquence. Peridot can be used as a protection from evil spirits and to lessen the fear of the dark.

The vibration of all green gems helps to fulfill one’s desires, increases confidence, assertiveness, balance and clarity of thought and the Peridot, in particular, gives prosperity and happiness as it is connected to cellular rejuvenation.

It seems that the use of this stone helps to increase self-esteem and to let go of guilt feelings due to past experiences. It is historically known to be a good stone to wear while working on one’s spiritual being, as it is connected with the heart and solar plexus Chakras: its energy is warm and powerful, as it brings light and beauty into one’s life. and encourages to feel love for the earth, its creatures and in general brings a more positive vision of life. By placing the peridot above the solar plexus, nervous tension can be converted into relaxation and tranquility.

Finally, the peridot acts as a tonic, reviving and vivifying the entire body to make it more vigorous, healthier and more radiant.

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