Craftsmanship and passion

Axum is inspired by the atmospheres and emotions of Africa where the founder and creator of the jewelry line, which started in Italy, spent an important part of her life.
Bronze and silver jewelery handmade with the lost wax sculptural technique. Each piece has its uniqueness permeated by the colors of the rough stones.
A strong innovative and exploratory spirit guides the creation of the various collections. They are designed for women who love uniqueness, craftsmanship and whose dynamism draws energy from African sounds and Mediterranean colors in a perfect mix of Italian art.

Uniqueness of an Axum jewel

Each piece is designed and handcrafted with the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax.
The skilful use of both processed and raw semi-precious stones embellishes the object making it a unique and handcrafted jewel.

The lost wax sculptural technique requires that each model be hand made in wax and then melted to obtain the jewel.
The use of unique rough stones in their crystalline formation reinforces their uniqueness.

Techniques and materials

The technique of lost wax casting has been known since ancient times and used both to create wonderful jewelry and sculptures (the best known ancient examples are the Riace Bronzes).
Bronze and silver are the two metals used in the Axum collection.
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin (nickel free) and is a metal known since ancient times and used to make tools and utensils.
Silver began to be worked in Europe from the time of the Sumerians (three thousand years before Christ), the first people to have adopted silver as a material for social use. Since then, silver has been considered the most precious metal after gold.

Personalized customer service

Custom sizes
Possibility to customize the size of your ring.
Precious stones
When possible, choice of the main stone with an analogue worked or rough.
Choice of material
Possibility to create jewels using a material of your choice between silver and bronze.
Personalized jewelry
Possibility of making jewels starting from indications and drawings.

What our customers say about us

“My wife's necklace arrived on time and wonderfully packaged. I am fully satisfied.”

Luca Serio

“I am very satisfied with the cordial treatment I have been given. Beautiful and well finished bracelet. I will definitely purchase again.”

Alex Costadei

“Courtesy and availability is not easy to find today. They fulfilled all my requests.”

Alessandra Caponetti