becomes a jewel


Handmade jewelry
in bronze and silver


on AXUM world


Care of your
Axum jewel


Intuitive jewelry to tell and enhance femininity in all its richness and cause a sense of wonder every time you wear them. Each jewel represents a microcosm made with materials and inspiration from different parts of the world. Each Axum creation translates into a unique piece entirely hand made.


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Creative jewelry

Unique pieces that enhance the beauty that is in every woman.
Axum jewels are an expression of craftsmanship and passion, made of bronze and silver, born from research, curiosity and experimentation.
Inspired by the magical atmospheres of other places, each creation translates into a unique piece made completely by hand.
Axum jewels to wear with joy!

Why choose us?

Choice of material
Precious stones
Custom sizes
Personalized jewelry

Reliable, patient, courteous and professional seller. Super safe and tracked shipping. The choker chain is enchanting, an inevitable gadget perfect for summer evenings.

Chiara Anelli

Artisan jewelery that ships very quickly and with perfect packaging, always friendly and available to satisfy every request.. Bravo! I'll be back to buy from you!

Giulia Buozzi

Congratulations excellent e-commerce product care and customer focus. More than positive experience, precise deliveries, great price.. Very good!

Ginevra Simoni