I let myself be inspired by the shapes and colors of nature. The band ring is one of my latest creations, made with a crystalline stone, in a limited edition. I discovered the Herkimer diamond, a rare quartz, which immediately attracted a great deal of interest. From the encounter with this stone, the band model was born on which I set the quartz as if it were still embedded in its original rock. I would now like to tell you some interesting things that I have discovered about this stone:
The Herkimer diamond is a rare type of quartz whose name derives from the place of its discovery in Herkimer County, New York State , where artifacts dating back to 1600 were found used by Native Americans of the Mohawk tribe as amulets and tools.
This stone has many properties and functions: it acts on the chakras, calming and bringing the brain to a deep alpha state, opens the 6th chakra which influences intuition and mental connection and the 7th chakra, the crown, which works at the level of communication and spiritual awareness, favoring psychic readings and meditation.
Gives a lot of energy, a sense of joy and freedom, joy, strength and inner clarity, increasing self-respect. Being a transparent crystal, it has a vibration of pure light, which purifies the energy of the surrounding environment. The Herkimer diamond is also recommended for people who have to go on a long journey and move away from home, to stay in tune with the people they leave at home. It is said that if two people hold two diamonds together and then exchange them, these stones will retain their harmony regardless of the distance that separates them, thus maintaining the bond between them.

Herkimer’s Diamond is also called dream crystal: one of its therapeutic faculties is to help you see clearly and therefore remember your dreams. It will increase the awareness of one’s dreams, especially the important ones.

Don’t you find it incredible how much wealth is hidden in the crystals?

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